Thursday, 26 June 2014

June 26 Update

June 26th - Update

What a difference 12 days makes!

* * *

Overview of back yard from patio

 Carrots, tomato plant, bush beans, dwarf peas
Yes, "bush" beans and "dwarf" peas that
were only supposed to grow about 24" high!
The only thing I didn't have to cut the tops back on
were the carrots!

As you can see, the dwarf peas went crazy, the scarlet runner pole beans are at the top of the poles and have been "topped" but are still growing!  The nice thing is that they are producing loads of pea pods that will soon be ready to eat.  The tomato plants I put in and didn't prune have gone mad!  Such a jungle I can't see anything in there.  Grew them without pruning one other time and they produced a huge crop of smaller tomatoes.  We hope they do that this time as we could us some for canning.   

When I look at how much the corn, sunflowers and cosmos have grown in12 days I am amazed.  I had trouble with the row of beets.  Birds got in and were scratching for bugs and rooted a bunch of them out so I had to add some protection.
To the right of the raspberries I added another framework and planted more "bush" peas.  Considering how much the others have grown I might have to extend the supports.

 Yes, that  is a step ladder!
I have to use it to reach the raspberries at the top!
Next year I will cut the canes off lower.  Live and learn!

 Poppy likes to lay in the sun and guard the garden against starlings.
She never catches them but sure does try!

 The poppies don't last long but now the Japanese Iris is looking good.  Soon time to trim back the plants that have finished blooming.

 Overview of the back of the house.  The aluminum canopy sure has been a blessing, keeping the patio dry and shaded.

The small canopy on the right is an 8x10 over the hot tub.


And that is about it for now!


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